P1 - Miss Brown

Final Term in Primary One!!!

Can you believe it???? 

Where has this year gone?

As always we have had a busy term, with Sport's Day, Our trip to Streamvale and a Teddy Bear's Picnic thrown into the mix.

To top it all off hasn't the weather been amazing!!! Let's hope it lasts   

Growing and Farming have been the topics for this term.

We have been looking at the lifecycles of Frogs, Chicks and Butterflies. We even had 5 caterpillars in our classroom which we watched turn into Chrysalis and then transform into beautiful butterflies. We release them into the garden in the Nursery. It was great fun.


We have 3 hens in the school garden, they have each laid an egg everyday. Primary 2 children have been able to take some eggs home with them. I wonder will we have chicks?

P1B Streamvale Farm

Streamvale Farm is definitely the highlight of the P1 calendar.

Starting with a bus ride, always leading to the singing of "Old MacDonald had a farm" we whizz through the town to Dundonald and up a twisty road to Streamvale.

This year we were met by Elaine, she was our guide for the day.

We started off being shown the milking parlour and answering questions on the Journey of Milk, we knew all the answers as Miss Brown had taught us all about it and other Dairy products. Elaine thought we were very clever!!!


Then we went on our nature walk, we saw a very hairy pig (who wasn't pink!!), some acrobatic goats and we even got to feed some ducks.

We didn't get to see the deer up close as a baby deer, fawn, had been born and they were all staying to protect it.

We got to feed some hens and see a beautiful peacock.

We had a real treat getting to see a litter of new born piglets (13!!), some little calves and also the new Alpacas. We thought they were like sheep with giraffe necks.

Before lunch we got to feed a lamb with a bottle, see a baby rabbit and a puppy. WE even got to milk a cow!!! (Don't worry it wasn't a real one!)


We then had a very sunny picnic lunch.

As a special treat we got to play in the play area, the farmer has used one of his big grain stores for this, how clever!. Then it was time to climb back onto the bus and head home. Some of us even had a little sleep on the journey. Today was so much fun!!!

The Teddy Bear's Picnic

We had a lovely morning with the boys and girls from Nursery at our Teddy Bear's Picnic. We got to make jam sandwiches for everyone and Miss Brown bought us all an ice lolly.

We all brought our teddy bears and we played with the parachute and bubbles.

It was a really lovely morning and the Nursery boys and girls seemed to really enjoy it too!