P5 - Miss Stevenson


Welcome to Primary 5 Miss Stevenson's class page. We hope you enjoy keeping up to date with recent activities and practical lessons that we are enjoying in Primary 5.


The Ancient World

Our new topic is looking at The Ancient World. During this topic, we will be looking at Archaeology, Early Man and Ancient Egyptians.

The pupils are so excited to get stuck into their new topic and have enjoyed practical lessons taken by Mr. Donaghy, who is a qualified archaeologist.

We can't wait to discover lots of interesting facts about Early Man and the Ancient Egyptians!



Primary 5 pupils were very lucky to have some of the firefighters from the Northern Ireland Fire Brigade in to give us a talk on fire safety in the home. We learned a lot about how to prevent fires and the importance of having an exit plan in the event a fire might occur. As a homework activity we completed a home safety check and talked to our parents about an exit plan for the whole family.


Outoor Learning - Venn diagrams


We love getting outside into the fresh Winter air!

As part of a numeracy lesson, we got our hats and coats on and took the lesson outside. We used skipping ropes to make a 3-criteria Venn Diagram and each child had a number card. Depending on which timestables we were using, the children had to decide which part of the Venn Diagram they belonged to. This was a fantastic practical lesson that got our brains working and our blood pumping in the fresh air!


Weighing objects using scales


P5 have been working on developing their weighing skills and throughout the course of a week we learnt how to read scales accurately to weigh a range of objects. This began with estimating the weight to more or less than a KG and developed our skills to eventually find the exact weight of an object.


3D Shapes


We used straws and pipe cleaners to make a range of 3D shapes based on clues we were given by our teacher e.g. I am a 3D shape with 4 triangular faces , 6 edges and 4 vertices. What am I?


How to make a model lung


Linking together our topic 'All About the Body' and Literacy, Primary 5 developed a set of instructions on how to make a model lung. We then followed these instructions to make a model lung. Using a plastic bottle, a straw, a balloon, modelling clay, cling film and an elastic band, the pupils we were able to recreate how our lung inflates and our diaphragm moves when we breathe in and out. We had so much fun creating and testing our lungs!