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STEM Week Final Display







STEM Investigation – Egg Experiment Investigating Padding Under Helmets

We investigated the effect of using padding to protect a skull by using an egg to represent a person’s skull and cotton wool to represent the padding in the helmet.

Only wealthy Vikings and Viking leaders would have worn metal helmets. Surviving examples of these are very rare. Padding under a helmet will reduce the impact of a blow and make it less likely that the head will be penetrated.

Even if a blow didn’t penetrate the helmet you could still be killed by the force of the blow injuring the brain in a similar way to whiplash in a car accident. Padding, or a webbing liner, reduces the force of the impact on the skull and brain. Although no evidence has been found for padding or a liner, rivet holes in the helmet have indicated the possible existence of attachment points for some sort of lining.

STEM Investigation – Viking Poo

We created fake faeces to represent Viking poo and explored what types of food the Vikings may have eaten.

How do we know what people ate in Viking times? From their poo, preserved in their old toilet pits.

Preserved faeces contain a wealth of information about the diets of people who lived in Viking times. They are usually quite safe to handle as the micro-organisms will be long dead. Preserved in the faeces are the remains of food that the people have eaten.












As part of our current topic, Primary 6 made Viking Longships. I think we can all agree that they look fantastic!


Delamont 2017


A few photos to show you how much fun Primary 6 had in Delamont this year. Photos are of P6J and P6F.