Term 1

We really enjoy our activity based learning. All our tasks link to our ‘Houses and Homes’ topic. We have been working on our problem solving skills as we build 3d homes with marshmallows and spaghetti.


We made different types of houses using Cuisenaire. We then used our counting and adding skills to find the total of the Cuisenaire pieces that we set out.


We used play dough to make different parts of homes such as doors, chimneys etc. We also learned about the different types of houses you can get.

As part of our houses and homes topic we have been doing some outdoor learning. We read the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and discovered that they all built their own homes. We decided to have a go at building our own homes. Have a look at our dens!

As part of ‘European day of languages’ we looked at the country of France. We looked at a map to see where France is and how far away it is from Northern Ireland. We got to sample some French foods such as crepes, croissants, French cheese and chocolate chip brioche. We coloured our own French flags and learned a few French phrases.

 In maths we have been learning how to carry on repeating patterns. We used peg boards, beads and then also made our own painted shape pattern prints.

We have learning about number families and we had a go at partitioning using cubes. Have a look to see some of the different ways we have been making given numbers.


We had a brilliant school trip to Mount Stewart. We got to experience what life was like living in Victorian times. We got to put on the type of clothes children would have worn and then we got a tour of a very old house. We got to see how people travelled by carriage and then we went into a school to see what children did years ago. The teacher was very strict!

 We played the ‘headbands’ game where we had to ask yes/no questions about different types of houses. Our partner had to answer our questions so we could guess what type of house was on our head.

When we were learning about different types of houses we discovered that a castle was a very grand type of house. Our role play area was transformed into a castle where we got to take on lots of interesting roles. Some people were knights, kings, queens and servants. We designed our own coat of arms and displayed them around our castle.

As part of our new 'Shopping' topic we have been thinking about where we can buy different foods. We have done some research to help us learn about what different types of shops sell. For example we learned that a greengrocer sells fruit and vegetables. We have been planning healthy meals and snacks. We thought we would have a go at making a healthy drink. We learned all about how recipes and instructions use bossy words so we could have a go at writing our own. We followed a recipe about how to make a fruit smoothie and then we wrote our own instructions so anyone else can have a go! We really enjoyed tasting our smoothie.