Welcome to Primary 5 Miss Stevenson's web page.

We hope you enjoy looking at some of the things we have been learning about and creating through a range of subjects. 


Escape to Egypt!


Primary 4 and Primary 5 had a fantastic fun filled day all about Ancient Egypt. We have been learning about Ancient Egypt over the last term, and what better way to showcase all of our new knowledge of our topic than by dressing up, eating different foods and playing games!!

We started off with a carousel of classroom activities including Doodle Buddy to make yourself into a Pharoah, jigsaw puzzles, playing traditional Egyptian games, art activities and deciphering hieroglyphics to create a musical piece on Garageband. We then went to the hall, which had been transformed into an Egyptian banquet hall, where we had an Egyptian banquet followed by a range of games, such as Pin the tail on the camel, headbands (Egyptian style!), mummy marshmallows and even a photo booth! We even tried out our Egyptian dancing skills to see who could 'Walk Like an Egyptian' the best!


We finished off the day with a QR code hunt based on questions from our topic all about Eygpt… with the winning teams getting some yummy golden coins as their prize! It was a fantastic day! A massive thank you to all of the parents for your help with costumes... we have some very creative parents and children!!


Chocolate Experience with Aunt Sandra's!


As part of our topic on 'Chocolate', Primary 5 were very lucky to welcome Aunt Sandra's Candy Factory to our school for a Chocolate Experience that none of us will forget! Uncle Jim, the owner of Aunt Sandra's, helped us to make our own chocolate bars and chocolate pizzas filled with all of our favourite sweets and chocolate, as well as chocolate covered fudge and mallows, games and quizzes, with prizes won by all of the class!


It was such a fantastic day filled with sweet treats... we even got to learn about the history of the famous Aunt Sandra's Candy Factory!




Primary 5 enjoying some rugby sessions with Erin, a coach from the Ulster Rugby Association.


Chest, Heart and Stroke


Primary 4 and Primary 5 have been taking part in Chester's Challenge though the Chest, Heart and Stroke foundation. Over the next three weeks, we will be learning about what foods are good for our bodies and which ones aren't, what effect food can have on our bodies and how physical exercise can help us to stay fit and healthy.


Badminton taster session


Primary 5 enjoyed a Badminton taster session on 11th February with a coach from the Ulster Badminton through the Every Body Active 2020 programme. We had great fun learning the different ways of holding a badminton racket, as well as trying to keep the shuttlecock from hitting the ground!


Practical 3D shapes


Primary 5 made a range of 3D shapes from given clues and completed several challenges based on 3D shapes.


Creating Our Carnival Rides


As part of our new topic 'The Circus', P5 have been enjoying designing and creating their very own carnival rides using a range of junk materials. As an added bonus, the children even made some of their rides move! This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to use their STEM skills and enhance their creative abilities. I think we can all agree that they all did a fantastic job!


Fitness 8 Multisports Festival


Primary 5 were very lucky to take part in a 6 week programme with Fitness 8. During this programme the children learnt all about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including exercise, eating healthy and brushing your teeth. At the end of the 6 week, the pupils were invited to participate in a multi-sports event at Queens Physical Education Centre with a number of other schools, where they had the chance to show off their skills and all of the information they had learned during the programme.  All of the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned some very valuable life skills. 


Creating electrical circuits


As the circus is filled with many different electrical items, we decided to study how electricity works. During this part of the topic we discussed the different types of energy, how one form of energy can transform into another, and looked at how to create a range of complete electrical circuits. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed using the different components to create a circuit, working together to ensure the circuit was complete and contained all of the correct components. 


Fire Service Home Safety Talk


We were very lucky to have some of the crew from the Fire Service of Northern Ireland join the P5s today for a talk all about safety in the home. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the 'goodies', such as Plan Man and Beep, and the 'baddies', such as Sizzle and Steam, in the home. They learnt how to prevent a fire in their homes and also what to do in the event of a fire in the house. They were invited to join the 'Safety Team' and were given different activities that they could do at home to ensure their houses are safe from fires. A massive thank you to the Fire Service for taking the time out of their busy day to talk to us.