Welcome to Mrs Lewis' Primary Seven class

We have been researching life in Victorian times

We problem solved using Victorian money and recorded the answers in Victorian Imperial money and modern decimal money

We researched and recreated a range of logos of companies that existed in Victorian times

We researched aspects of The Crimean War and wrote a chronological account of The Charge of the Light Brigade from a Russian gunner's point of view.

We read The Charge of the Light Brigade and then created our own parodies based on a range of different ideas such as The Charge of the Spider Brigade

We researched a range of toys used by rich and poor children in Victorian times and then recreated them.  We also created factfiles based on the toys we made.

Following our work on the colour wheel we drew things in use in the Victorian times and used a colour wheel in the picture.

We read the spell from the witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth and then created our own spells