Home Learning Ideas

Hairy phonics 3 free to download until Saturday. 
Great for practicing those tricky sounds.  P3 upwards

Sentinus - Magic Triangle

Support for children with dyslexia



Calling all Gruffalo fans...

Home Learning activity packs for many of the picture books by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler are available on


There is now advice from the Education Authority in supporting children with literacy difficulties at home. Just follow the link below:



Click on this link to read about Goldilocks' experience on the internet!

More information on keeping children safe online is available from https://www.vodafone.co.uk/mobile/digital-parenting/resources-category

Fun activities for younger children - or big kids of all ages!!



Advice and support from Autism Advisory and Intervention Service

www.eani.org.uk   menu/services/pupil support services/AAIS


Click on the link to find fun challenges from Sentinus.

Balancing robot - instructions

Balancing robot - template

Link for template - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-cVjZBMBNNXYm1RYjFuLTNMNWs/edit

Build your own scales 27.4.20

Magic Milk! 24.4.20

Magic Milk 2

Colour puzzle 22.4.20

Today’s challenge has two parts!


Part 1: is to complete the puzzle attached to this email. You can print it out and stick the men in the correct place or you could draw them if you don’t have a printer.


Part 2: Make your own colourful spinning top. You may want to use some of the materials we have used.


Materials used:

  1. 10p and cardboard
  2. Cardboard and a pencil
  3. CD and a marble


You might even come up with some other ways to make a spinning top – we would love to see this! As an extra challenge you record the time it takes for the spinning top to start and finish and test which one spins the longest.

Don’t forget we are always looking out for our pupil of the week so make sure you send your finished challenges through to info@sentinus.co.uk or contact us via our social media pages; Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Have fun!!

Colours 20.4.20

Floating and Sinking Scavenger Hunt 16.4.20

Floating and Sinking record sheet

Floating and Sinking 14.4.20

floating and sinking 1

floating and sinking 2

floating and sinking 3

floating and sinking 4

floating and sinking 5


Science Challenge House Treasure Hunt 1 - 8.4.20

Science Challenge- Cup Challenge

Science Challenge - Level 3 house

Science Challenge 6.4.20


Some ideas to promote mental health for children



Free access to Collins Big Cat e-books

Search for Collins Connect, click on the Teacher Portal and enter


Password: Parents20!

and click Login

Free e-books also available from Oxford Owl www.oxfordowl.co.uk

I read about these apps at the weekend, the ones in bold are free to download.

Younger children:

Go Explore - CBeebies

Khan Academy Kids - maths activities

Teach your monster to read - create your own monster and teach it to read

Youtube Kids

ScratchJr - fun coding app


World of Peppa Pig

Mental Maths 5-6

Dr Seuss's ABC: AR version

Montessori Preschool

Older children:

Google Arts and Culture - virtual tours of museums and galleries

Kahoot! - Trivia quizzes, 1 person can host and others compete

Swift Playground - Teaches Apple programming language through puzzles



Elevenses with David Walliams - free story every day. Also activities related to his books available on https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/activities/

20 activities for 20 days  -  great ideas for nursery, P1 and P2

Advice from Autism Advisory and Intervention Service


Tips for maintaining routines at home

• Try to develop a consistent daily routine i.e. get up at normal school time, have breakfast, lunch and dinner at usual times
• Support your home routines with visuals if possible
• Try to maintain a consistent bed time routine
• Include daily physical activity in accordance with health guides
• Reduce exposure to news, media coverage and social networking sites
• Try not to talk negatively in front of children
• Limit your use of technology
• Make use of structured games and activities e.g. Jenga, connect four, snakes and ladders etc.
• Encourage children to utilise their special interests in a positive way to create project work, art, craft ideas etc.


These may be more appropriate for younger children 

Leaflets from the RISE team