Miss Brown's class have been talking about how they feel - can you guess from their super pictures?


WELCOME TO P1 with Miss Brown!!


Well done to all the Primary One children who have settled in so well. A big thank you to parents for all your support so far. It is much appreciated!


Already the children have made lots of new friends and have learnt many new skills. The children have been learning;

- to sort, match, count and recognise numbers within 5

- make sets and patterns

- pre writing and pre reading skills

- sequence a story

- to make class rules and be a good friend  

- all about Ourselves

We have been talking about our characteristics, emotions, likes/dislikes. We have made Self Portraits, Family Portraits, looked at our fingerprints and soon we will be learning about our Senses!


We have been very busy with Literacy in P1 so far this year. We have been learning to:

  • hold our pencils properly
  • sequence a story
  • make predictions about stories
  • handle a book 
  • talk about our news.

We have also been learning to recognise and write our names. This can be quite tricky for us so we have been using a variety of materials to help us.


We are brilliant mathematicians in our class and we have been making sets, sorting for colours/size/shapes, matching, making patterns and using numbers.

Have a look below to see us at work…

In Primary One it is important to encourage the children to be independent. As parents you can help by; 

- encouraging your child to get dressed in the morning

- letting your child carry his/her own bag to school

- encouraging your child to put on his/her own shoes

- saying good bye to your child at the entrance doors


  • What to bring each day
  • School bag
  • Reading folder
  • 1 healthy snack for break
  • Lunch in lunch box
  • Dinner money – collected on a Monday

Making Pumpkin Soup

We made some delicious Pumpkin soup. We scooped out the seeds and peeled off the bright orange skin. Then we chopped up the flesh into cubes. We added some carrots, potatoes and vegetable stock. We used a cool soup kettle. The soup cooked over our lunch time and when we came back into class it was ready to taste.


The soup was really yummy. It was a yellowy orange colour and was quite creamy. We liked it because it was smooth and not lumpy. We used our thumbs to show Miss Brown what we thought of the soup.


Our Autumn Walk

Autumn is a colourful season.

We can use all of our senses as we walk around.

The leaves change colour and fall to the ground, they crunch as we walk through them.


We walked to Cherryvale on Thursday 17th October to see what signs of Autumn we could find.

The sun was shining and we were ready for anything in our wellies! We had lots of fun.

We saw 2 squirrels, gathering acorns for hibernation and scurrying up the trees.

We gathered leaves of different colours, shapes and sizes, we even found some conkers and acorns. Our teachers cut some holly with berries - it was too prickly for us to touch!

We will be having lots of fun back in school with all that we collected today.

As a special treat we got to play in the park.

Today was so much fun!!!