Primary 6 Delamont Trip 2019

Primary 6 visited Delamont Country Park for a 2-night residential trip. We had a fantastic time throughout and shared some very special adventures together. We were able to take part in archery, canoeing, rock climbing, a nightline walk and an incredible adventure walk in Tollymore Forest Park. A massive thank you to Mrs Johnston for organising the trip and all the members of staff for supervising the trip! Well done to all the children who took part and made the trip a great success!

We had lots of fun at our tea party and made £470 for Macmillan.

P5 - P7 Rugby Players Make Television Appearance

The Rugby World Cup began on Friday 20th September in Japan. The Rosetta rugby players in P5-P7 wished the Ireland rugby team good luck on BBC Newsround. They make an appearance around 40 seconds into the video on the link below.

Well done to those players that took part and good luck to the Ireland team for the rest of the World Cup from Rosetta Primary School!

We enjoyed Welcome Night on Thursday 26th September , when families who joined school in September, and P7 buddies enjoyed colouring activities, pizza and a very wet treasure hunt!

Treasure Hunt Winners  -Maya and her buddy, Ellen.


Latest news


Primary 7 Leavers’ Celebration

Congratulations to all of the wonderful and amazing Primary 7 pupils on completing their time at Rosetta Primary School.

We wish you all the best for the future and enjoy your new schools.

All our love Mrs Johnston and Mr Fenton xo


Primary Engineer Leaders Awards 2018-19 Northern Ireland – “If you were an engineer what would you do?”

This year, 45 pupils in Primary 7 entered the Primary Engineer Leaders Award Competition for Northern Ireland.

The children were faced with the question: “If you were an engineer what would you do?” and had to think of, research and design a product that would solve a problem that someone or something could face.

Isaac Donald, was selected as a Winner for the Primary 7 age group and received a trophy recognising that fact at an Award Ceremony at Ulster University. Also, Isaac had his illustrations on display at the Public Exhibition, which was held at the university, on June 20.

Isaac design idea was for “self-tinted” windows for vehicles.

Another special mention for the following Primary 7 pupils, 6 of whom were specifically mentioned during the final phase and are considered as “Judges’ Highly Commended” and 3 other pupils whose work was Shortlisted will have their work on display at this year’s inaugural Primary Engineer Leaders Award Public Exhibition to be held at Ulster University on June 20.  


Libby Hutchison              Judges' Highly Commended

Jaxon Rutherford            Judges' Highly Commended

Oliver Rainey                   Judges' Highly Commended

Alyssa Short                    Judges' Highly Commended

Hazel Bamford                 Judges' Highly Commended

Grace Stanfield                Judges' Highly Commended

Finlay Keir                       Distinction-Shortlisted

Jasmine Robinson           Distinction-Shortlisted

Sophie-Lee Trainor         Distinction-Shortlisted

Congratulations to all that took part, each received a certificate to celebrate their hard work.

Further photos can be found at:


The overall results for the 45 pupils that took part:

Abdulhameed Niemi                           Merit

Adam Azfar                                         Merit

Alyssa Short                                        Judges' Highly Commend

Anastasia Smirnova                            Distinction

Aoife Beggs                                         Distinction

Arbjola Zekaj                                       Merit

Armela Zekaj                                       Merit

Carly McKeaveny-Spence                   Merit

Catherine McDowell                             Distinction

Dawid Azfar                                          Distinction

Emma Beattie                                       Merit

Faithe Love-McCorkindale                    Merit

Finlay Keir                                            Distinction-Shortlisted

Grace Stanfield                                    Judges' Highly Commended

Hannah Martin                                     Merit

Hannah Thompson                              Distinction

Hannah Weston                                   Distinction

Hazel Bamford                                     Judges' Highly Commended

Isaac Donald                                       Winner

Jack Leetch                                         Merit

Jasmine Robinson                               Distinction-Shortlisted

Jaxon Rutherford                                 Judges' Highly Commended

Jennifer Carvalho                                Merit

Jessica Gardner                                  Merit

Joseph Dugan                                     Distinction

Jude McAlindon                                   Distinction

Katie Morgan                                       Merit

Leah Jamison                                      Distinction

Lenka Lazarczykova                            Merit

Libby Hutchison                                   Judges' Highly Commended

Livia Sadria                                          Merit

Luca Vericat                                         Merit

Lucas Price                                          Merit

Nurefsan Altay                                     Merit

Oliver Rainey                                      Judges' Highly Commended

Patrick Stewart                                    Distinction

Pepper Sargent                                   Distinction

Samira Darwish-Aboorff                      Pass

Sarah Boyd                                         Distinction

Shazain Khan                                     Merit

Sofia Bengoechea                              Merit

Sophia Gourley                                   Merit

Sophie-Lee Trainor                             Distinction-Shortlisted

Thomas Price                                     Merit

Tiernan Kachamakwara                     Merit



ESB Science Blast 2019


On Wednesday 5th June, all of Primary 7 attended Belfast’s ICC Waterfront Hall to take part in the ESB Science Blast 2019. Around 25 other schools from across Ireland attended to display their science investigations.

Primary 7 investigated the question ‘What are the best materials to use in the protection of astronauts and technology in space?

Please check out our display and award beside the entrance to the school.


The Pirates of the Curry Bean


P6 and P7 took part in the play The Pirates of the Curry Bean, and really enjoyed performing as the characters as well as singing and dancing. The audience had a blast watching the children performing for them.




So many hampers!
So many hampers!

So many hampers! The raffle took place just before Santa's visit, the main hamper was won by Maya in Nursery.


Cinema trip for P1-7 children to see The Grinch on Thursday 20th December. Wear school uniform and bring a coat and a snack. Thanks to Friends of Rosetta for providing the transport.



We're famous! Science Blast Leaflet


Rosetta Primary School feature in the Science Blast leaflet for the 2018/2019 showcase.

The “What habitat do woodlice prefer to live in?” project from last year’s STEM Club has been featured in this year’s Science Blast leaflet, as an example of one of the investigative questions.

Next year, in June the ESB Science Blast 2018/2019 showcase is returning to the Belfast Waterfront Hall. Rosetta will be entering both Primary 7 classes.

The showcase aims to “Involve the whole class in a non-competitive programme investigating the science behind a simple question and then have the opportunity to display their work at a showcase event. Science is everywhere and in everything, so you can cover a huge amount of the curriculum through participation, from art to numeracy to language skills.”


RDS Show


Rosetta’s STEM Club Attends the RDS Primary Science Fair at Belfast’s Waterfront Hall.

On Wednesday 7th June 2018, eight members of the STEM Club attended the Belfast Waterfront Hall for the biggest primary science fair in Ireland.

The group presented our class investigation of “Which habitat do woodlice prefer to live in?” to a series of judges. The Primary 7 pupils were superb in answering the judges’ questions, explaining the reasons for our investigation and the findings of our research investigation.

Our aim was to find the preferred conditions for woodlice to live in, so that we can replicate those conditions in our new “Bug Hotel”. We will be designing and building our Bug Hotel as we continue to work towards our biodiversity targets for the Eco Green Flag.

Our findings showed that the woodlice preferred to live in dark/dry conditions made up of dead leaf litter.

It was a fun day out and the children got to enjoy a variety of science shows and displays from STEM companies throughout the day.

I would like to congratulate all of the Primary 7 pupils that took part for their excellent work ethic and scientific enquiry – well done!

Keep an eye out around school for the children’s STEM display and trophy.

Check the video link and see if you can spot one of our very own?


Hens - April 2018


We have 3 new members of Rosetta school who are just settling in. If you are in school please look out for these lovely hens and stop to say hello. They are busy laying eggs.

Some of the P2's have been collecting the eggs. We are going to keep count of how many they lay. 

STEM week

The whole school participated in a brilliant variety of activities for our second STEM week, with all pupils from nursery to P7 getting involved.

Science Starz came and lead each class in a workshop that linked with our topics. Each class wore lab coats and acarried out a range of science investigations and experiments. We considered fair testing and how best to record the results and finally the results were interpreted and conclusions reached.

The week ended with our science and technology fair. This was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to showcase their learning and demonstrate some of the activities they had been doing. It was really well supported with lots of parents and carers coming to see the brilliant displays. Pupils were able to explain the technical elements and many parents commented on how articulate and confident they were. A big thank you to everyone who came and supported this event. 

STEM Challenge


Rosetta’s STEM Club won the Belfast Qualifying of the STEM Challenge Competition!


On Wednesday 28th February, Rosetta entered two teams into the Belfast Qualifying Heat of the Sentinus STEM Challenge Competition. The competition included STEM teams from schools across Belfast and Lisburn.

The two teams were as follows:

Team 1: Matthew, Reuben and Fatime

Team 2: Beth, Celia and Rylie

The children were set the challenge of designing and constructing a bridge using the given materials in a set time. The overall winners on the day were Beth, Celia and Rylie. The judge commented on the excellent stability and structure of their bridge.

Congratulations to both teams on their excellent constructions and good luck to Beth, Celia and Rylie in the Northern Ireland Finals in June.



Fitness 8 Festival


Fitness 8 Festival


This term, Primary 6 have been participating in the Fitness 8 Program. The children have been learning about healthy and active lifestyles.

On Thursday 22nd February the Primary 6 children attended the Fitness 8 Festival on at Queen’s PEC. It was excellent experience for the children and everyone had lots of fun!




Admission information - 29th November 2017


  • Admission forms are available in the school office from Wednesday 29th November 2017.
  • Please return your completed admission form to the school office by Wednesday 10th January 2018 by 12 noon. 

The criteria for admission to Nursery are:

1. Children born between 2 July 2014 and 1 July 2015 whose parent(s)/guardian(s) are from socially disadvantaged circumstances*.

2. Children born between 2 July 2014 and 1 July 2015.


In the event of over-subscription, within either of the above criteria, preference will be given in the order set out below

(a) Children who have a brother/sister, half-brother/half-sister resident at the same address currently enrolled as a pupil in Rosetta Primary School

(b) Children who have a parent/guardian who is a current permanent employee of the school. (Indicate name and capacity in which employed)

(c) Children who will have a brother/sister, half-brother/half-sister resident at the same address, enrolled as a pupil in Rosetta Primary School in September 2018.

(d) Children who have a brother/sister, half-brother/half-sister resident at the same address formerly enrolled as a pupil in Rosetta Primary School. (Indicate name and years of attendance)

(e) Children whose parents have nominated Rosetta Primary School Nursery Unit as their first choice.

(f) Children who reside in the electoral wards of Rosetta, Ballynafeigh, Ravenhill, Wynchurch or Cregagh as defined by OS map (

(g) Children from other areas. 


In the event of there still being more applicants than places then selection will be on the basis of the initial letter of the child’s surname as recorded on the child’s birth certificate in the order as set out below:

X, P, Y, Z, M, T, K, E, S, D, Mac, Mc, J, H, F, I, L, C, O, U, G, Q, N, B, O’, V, W, A, R

The child’s Birth Certificate must be attached to application. All applications must be accompanied by proof of residence (eg utility bill, bank or building society statement, the child’s medical card or a letter awarding child benefit), dated within three months of application.When considering which children should be selected for admission, the Board of Governors will only take into account information which is detailed on or attached to the application form.  Parents should therefore ensure that all information pertaining to their child and relevant to the school’s admissions criteria is stated on the application form or attached to it.  Examples of such information include whether the child has, or had, brothers or sisters attending the school.



The criteria for admission to Primary 1 are:

  1. Children who have a brother, sister, half-brother and/or half-sister resident at the same address, currently in attendance at Rosetta PS.
  2. Children whose parent/guardian is a permanent employee of the school in the school year 2017/2018. (Indicate name and capacity in which employed)
  3. Children whose brothers, sisters, half-brothers and/or half-sisters, resident at the same address, previously attended the School. (Please indicate name and year of attendance.)
  4. Children who attended the Nursery Unit of the School in the School year 2017/2018

 If Y1 is over-subscribed the following criteria will apply in the order below.

(a) Preference will be given to those children who live nearest to the school, measured as the crow flies using from home (address and postcode) to the school (address and postcode).


It is the Parents' responsibility to ensure that any information relevant to these criteria is included on the Application Form.


The child’s birth certificate should be attached to the application form. All applications must be accompanied by proof of residence (eg utility bill).



THURSDAY 7 DECEMBER 2017 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM 

Principal's talk at 5:30pm and repeated at 6:30pm

Junior Choir singing at 5:15pm and Senior Choir at 7:45pm



Love to read?


The Rosetta Readers Bookshop is now open in the foyer. ALL books are £2.50 - great value!

Come along and check out our fabulous range of books, from Roald Dahl to Michael Morpurgo.

If Mrs Osborne is not there, please use the Honesty Box.




We are collecting used stamps for CLIC Sargent. They use the money raised to fund their Home from Home, providing a place for families to stay close to their child in hospital. There are two Home from Home's in Belfast, near the Royal and City Hospitals. Please cut the stamps off envelopes and send them into your child's class.





Come along to our fantastic Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday 9th December from 10am to 12pm.


If you're interested in booking a stall please email


October 2017

Halloween Disco 


Pupils from Primary 4 to Primary 7 enjoyed a night of dressing up, dancing and treats at our annual school Halloween disco. The costumes were fantastic, with prizes for the best dressed and most inventive dance moves for each year group.


Thank you to our PTA team for organising the disco and arranging the tuck shop for the pupils to enjoy some yummy treats!



Corrie's Sausage Competition

Three children from Primary 3 and 4 were selected to take part in a sausage competition last week along with students from Loughview Integrated Primary School. The Rosetta students; Lily, Lucas and Anna; were invited to the Ormeau Road store to create their own unique sausage, which went on sale from last weekend.

The different flavours were;

The Hot Spice Monster - Onions, chilli and jalapenos (Lucas)

The Sweet Strip - Apple and pear (Lily)

The Christmas Sausage - Onions, sage and cranberry sauce (Anna)

CONGRATULATIONS to Anna who sold the most sausages. In the coming weeks Anna will have the opportunity to go to the final in La Mon Hotel and cook her delicious sausages!


Thank you for your support during this fantastic event and well done to everyone involved!




June 2017


STEM week

The whole school participated in a brilliant variety of activities for our first ever STEM week, with all pupils from nursery to P7 getting involved.

W5 outreach came to enthuse us with their “science magic” show. We had to decide if they were doing magic or science. It was very exciting, they had exploding rockets and spinning water jugs!

All classes had a Big Science Day on Tuesday. P1-P3 dressed up as scientists to help get into the role and everyone helped plan and carry out a range of science investigations and experiments. We considered fair testing and how best to record the results and finally the results were interpreted and conclusions reached.

Our “take it apart” party took place on Wednesday. Each class dismantled gadgets or toys to see what components went into making them. Some were easier to take apart than others! Some classes reassembled the parts into interesting sculptures or turned them into another gadget. It was great fun!

All week the pupils did a technology challenge, using a range of tools and materials to make a finished product. There were marble runs, water clocks, parachutes and even a model to demonstrate what happens during an earthquake. The children really enjoyed working on their project.

The week ended with our science and technology fair. This was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to showcase their learning and demonstrate some of the activities they had been doing. It was really well supported with lots of parents and carers coming to see the brilliant displays. Pupils were able to explain the technical elements and many parents commented on how articulate and confident they were. A big thank you to everyone who came and supported this event. A very worthwhile and successful week.

Corrie's Burger Competition Update!

P3 pupil Drew Cunningham was selected to make his popular 'Spicey Mouth' Burger at the Forestside Cookery School with Chef Jeffers on Tuesday 6th June. Following some tough competition, we are pleased to announce that Drew successfully beat 5 others to claim the title of the 2017 Burger Champion! We wish to congratulate Drew and his sous chef Jamie Thompson on their hard work and exemplary behaviour at the cookery school. Drew has won vouchers for Corrie's and a 'We are Vertigo' goody bag along with a soon to be engraved trophy! Well done to all the children and schools who took part and a special thanks to the staff at Corrie's and the Forestside Cookery School.

Spicey Mouth burgers will be on sale again at Corrie's Butchers, this weekend.


School Fair organised by Friends of Rosetta!

May 2017



Corrie's Burger Competition

Three children from Primary 3 were selected to take part in a burger competition on Thursday 1st June along with P4 and P5 students from Victoria Prep. The Rosetta students; Amelia, Freddie and Drew; were invited to the Ormeau Road store to create their own unique burgers, which will go on sale from Friday 2nd to Saturday 3rd June. The child with the highest burger sales will compete in the final at Forestside Cookery School with Chef Jeffers, next week.

Please show your support by paying a visit to the Ormeau Road store during this period. Available flavours are;

Tropical - cheese and pineapple (Amelia)

Spicey Mouth - pepperoni, red pepper, jalapeno, chilli (Drew)

Sweety Spicer - sweetcorn, chilli, red onions and pickle (Freddie)

*Limited to 6 burgers per customer!*




Sports Day 2017

Corrie's Burger Competition! 

Three pupils from Primary Three were selected to take part in a local burger competition with Corrie's Butcher Shop. The lucky winners, Amelia Geddes, Freddie Pearcey and Drew Cunningham, visited the shop on the 1st of June to create their own unique burger recipes. Their burgers will go on sale in the Ormeau Road store on Friday 2nd June, until close of business on Saturday 3rd June. The beef burgers are limited to 6 per customer and come in 3 flavours;

Tropical - cheese and pineapple

Spicey Mouth - jalapenos, red peppers, chilli and pepperoni

Sweety Spicer - sweetcorn, red onion, chilli and pickle.

The child with the highest number of sales during this period, will be invited to cook their burger with Chef Jeffers at the Forestide Cookery School, next Tuesday 6th June.

Please show your support by visiting Corrie's !

Yesterday P4A + B visited the Northern Ireland War Memorial.

Our visit began with an audio-visual picture show all about the Home Front in Northern Ireland during WW2.  After the talk we visited the gallery where we became a History Detective and were given a quiz sheet to complete while looking around the exhibition for clues.

We then had a chance to visit the Home Front Kitchen to learn more about rationing.

We then tried on some real wartime uniforms and posed for a photograph!

Enter text...


After our visit to the memorial we decided to make the most of the sun and relax outside St Anne's Cathedral!



Budget Cuts – please read and help by signing and sending letters

April 2017

 Rosetta STEM Club through to final of the Sentinus K’Nex Challenge!

 On Tuesday 25th April 2017, the Belfast qualifying heat of the Sentinus Primary School K’Nex challenge took place in Mercy College Belfast with around 10 schools taking part. Rosetta’s STEM Club entered two teams: Team 1 consisted of Matias Goguet and Tyrese Abolarin (P7) and Team 2 of Jamie Barnes and Corban Allen (P7).

The teams were set the challenge of designing and constructing a bridge using a box of K’Nex in an hour and a half (not as easy task!). The bridges were to be judged on their visual and structural quality.

After an extremely tense wait, Matias and Tyrese were announced as the winners, taking 1st place in the Belfast qualifying heat! They firmly booked their place in the Northern Ireland Finals by constructing a bridge so robust and stable that it even supported Matias as he stood on top of it!

Congratulations go to both teams for their hard work, effort and determination. We wish Matias and Tyrese the best of luck in the Northern Ireland Finals in June at the University of Ulster.

Mr Fenton

Congratulations to Rosetta Primary School's mixed tag rugby team who came second in Grosvenor Grammar School's Primary Schools Tag Rugby Tournament. The tournament was organised to welcome the Women's Rugby World Cup Trophy to Belfast for the forthcoming Women's Rugby World Cup in Ireland in the summer.

The team topped their group with wins against Strandtown P.S (4-2), Leadhill P.S (5-2) and Elmgrove P.S (3-0). The team narrowly lost a hard fought final against Gilnahirk P.S (1-0). Congratulations to all the players for their super effort and a massive thank you to Mrs Dawson for the excellent Japan team t-shirts, bandanas and flags!

March 2017

We are currently collecting Active Kids vouchers to help buy new sports and PE equipment. You can get the vouchers from Sainsbury's and it is very easy to get involved!


Ways to collect:

1. Sainsbury’s Local
In Sainsbury’s Local stores you’ll get one voucher for every £5 you spend.

2. Sainsbury’s Supermarkets
Every time you shop at a Sainsbury’s Supermarket you’ll be given one voucher for every £10 you spend at the till.

3. Online
You’ll still receive the equivalent of one voucher for every £10 you spend. But they’ll all be printed on one piece of paper up to the maximum value of 50 vouchers – so make sure you keep it safe.


Help us get brand new sports and cooking equipment, and experiences by collecting the vouchers until 2 May.







January 2017

Congratulations to the Rosetta Primary School football team for winning the Ashfield Boys Cup.  The team remained unbeaten the whole competition and won the final on penalties. Well done boys!


Meet our new Digital Leaders!


Eleven Primary 7 children have been selected to help with ICT around our school.

Their role is to:

  • Manage and organise the ICT room
  • Manage iPads - Charge, install and update apps
  • Help other classes with ICT lessons
  • Help teachers use ICT equipment

The Digital Leaders will also be starting their own iPad club. Come back soon to see what they have been up to!


Thank you to iTeach for our wonderful goodies - t-shirts, lanyards and badges.



November 2016

Superheroes visited our playground and left behind some top secret gadgets...


Head over to the P4A page to find out more!


October 2016

On Wednesday 26th October P3 visited Carrickfergus Castle and a great time was had by all. Check out our class pages for more photographs.


Halloween Disco


Last night we had our annual Halloween Disco for P4 to P7. Everyone looked spooktacular and put in lots of effort.


Massive thank you to FoR for organising the event.



Thank you Friends of Rosetta for organising a great Halloween disco for Primary 1 to Primary 3.


Halloween Disco

Halloween Fancy Dress Disco on Tuesday night from 7.00 to 8.30pm., P4 - P7. Prizes for best costumes! Please note it is still the bargain price of £1, (not £2). But don't forget money for tuck!

BBQ for new families




This is an opportunity to meet new parents and children to the school and also members of the Friends of Rosetta (PTA)


Please return your reply slip to the class teacher as soon as possible and state any dietary requirements.


We look forward to seeing you there!


Nursery and Primary 1 Open Days


Moos on the Mall


Over the past few weeks our school has been very busy decorating a cow for Forestside Shopping Centre. Twice a year Forestside display the cows along the mall and their main aim is to collect money for vital charities.


This time the theme for the cows was superheroes. Our whole school contributed towards the cow, from painting lettering to drawing their own superhero.


Please visit Forestside to see our wonderful efforts and give money to their chosen charity, Action Cancer.


Friends of Rosetta


We have set up a new Facebook page in order to share information about events and meetings happening at our school. We hope it will allow people to find out information quickly and easily! It will explain ways you can support the school and will allow you to get involved - to join with us in organising, inviting people along, setting up and running some fabulous events! The more parents, family members and teachers involved the better it will be!


Follow the link below to like our page. Please share it on your page and invite other friends, family and parents!


Friends of Rosetta Primary



September 2016




Today we got a very special visit from Gavin Ewing, the area manager of Co-op.


Gavin came to visit our Eco garden and hear about our Green Flag achievements. He was very impressed with our hard work and gave us vouchers to help us purchase new equipment and maintain our garden.



What are P7 up to?


This week the whole school has been very busy painting and decorating something very special. 



Come back next week to find out more and see the finished article!


Beat the street!


Have you seen the beat the street box outside our school?

Beat the street is a fun, free game for the communities of Northern Ireland to see how far you can walk, cycle and run around your area. Beat the Street will run from Wednesday 14 September - Wednesday 02 November 2016. There are lots of prizes up for grabs for individuals and teams, so don't forget to register your Beat the Street card and join the 'Rosetta Primary School' team. Every journey you make adds to your total and that of your team and the whole community.


Rosetta is currently number 36 in the leaderboard. Help us win amazing prizes by participating in this fun game!


Jeans for Genes Day


This Friday 30th September, we will be holding our first charity event of the school year - Jeans for Genes day!

Jeans for Genes Day provides funding for the care and support of children with genetic disorders through their grant programme. Each year they offer funding to a range of charities.

In exchange for £1, Friday will be a non-uniform day and children are encouraged to wear their jeans. However don't worry if you don't own any jeans, any casual clothes are suitable!


Thank you for your continued support.