In P2N/B we have two teachers and one classroom assistant.


Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Buchanan with Mrs Stewart.


In our classrooms we have so much fun!! We have lots of new and exciting toys to play with alongside interactive lessons for the children. It's an exciting time for discovery and learning.


P2 have settled back into school life really well and have caught up with all their friends from last year.

We would like to thank parents for their ongoing support for encouraging continued independence in P2. Parent partnership is a vital aspect of your child's education and is greatly valued.


Topic/Learning Through Play

So far in P2 we have been learning all about food in our topics 'Healthy Me' and 'Fabulous Food'. We have been busy finding out about germs, healthy eating, keeping fit and brushing our teeth. We have also been making pizzas, writing riddles about food and even created our very own class bakery where we have been making chocolate dough, buns and playing dress up.

In our bigger play area we set up a Hospital and Baby Clinic where we had the opportunity to dress up as doctors/nurses and patients. We even used real equipment to diagnose problems in the hospital. It was so much fun learning how to care for the babies and using real bandages on the patients.




We have been working really hard to improve our reading, writing and talking and listening skills. We have been building on our knowledge from P1 and have been using our sounds to make 3 and 4 letter words. Our topic work has also given us great opportunities to write independently. We have written all about the roles of doctors, nurses and dentists. We also read the story of 'Handas Surprise' and were able to do some 'Hot Seating' where we pretended to be Handa and then wrote about her journey. 'The Little Red Hen' gave us the chance to make some delicious banana bread and then write instructions telling others how to make it.

In P2 we LOVE reading! We use a variety of different reading schemes to promote fluency and reading accuracy and we already know lots of new words. We complete reading activities every week and these help us to put our reading into context. We also have a class library and  book boxes on our tables to encourage independent reading whenever possible.




We have been so busy this term learning all about teen numbers, money, sorting, shape, pattern and venn diagrams. All of our lessons are catered for our individual abilities so we are always building our confidence with maths. We love using the practical apparatus such as cubes, lollipop sticks, blocks and maths games to reinforce our learning. We have been counting up to 10p with real money and learning how to pay using the fewest coins as possible. If we can we are always encouraged to count on and some of us were able to use money up to 20p!

For shape we have been describing properties of 2D shapes, using them to create patterns and even sorting them into diagrams.

We are also building our confidence with 'Using Maths' where we are learning to put our knowledge and skills into real life situations.

Maths in P2 is always great fun!



Outdoor Play/P.E

 We are so lucky in Rosetta that we get to play outdoors as much as possible. We really enjoy playing on the bikes and trikes and making circuit courses with the PE apparatus. We also link our topics into our outdoor play so we get to make hospitals, dentists, shops etc with real materials.

We have also been very fortunate to have the 'Women's IFA' and 'Skills School' come in and give us some fantastic taster sessions for some of the afterschool activities that we have on offer at Rosetta. We have been working on teamwork skills, balance, agility and speed and are getting better and better at these! It has been a great opportunity to use up some of our energy and help us keep fit.




P2 is great fun. We love coming into school everyday and learning in a variety of different ways that cater for every child.

As we approach Christmas we now look forward to taking part in our Nativity play that we have been practising very hard for and also engaging in lots of arts and crafts activities suited and adapted to a  variety of different cultures.