P2S - Term 1.1

Welcome to P2S!  We are only 3 weeks into P2 but already we have been very busy.  Our topic this term is called 'Healthy me' and we have been finding out about germs, healthy eating and brushing our teeth.  We have had lots of fun during our related play activities and we have completed some fabulous work that we are all very proud of.


Healthy Me Play

We have enjoyed using our play based learning to help us to develop our understanding of how we can be healthy.  During our play time we have created fruit patterns, created fruit face pictures based on the work of Guiseppe Arcimboldo and we used the Lego and Playmobil set to make hospitals and parks that could be used to exercise in.  We loved using whiteboard markers to draw food and dirt on sets of teeth. After that we used the toothbrushes and toothpaste to clean the teeth up. Our role play area was set up as a hospital and pharmacy.  We really enjoyed pretending to be doctors, nurses and patients. We have had lots of fun this term. 




We have been really busy so far learning all about teen numbers, money, sorting, shape and pattern.  We know that a teen number is the same as 10 and a few more depending on what the number is.  We have been using cubes and lollipop sticks to help us to write the number stories of teen numbers.  We also learned how to set out amounts of money up to 10p using the fewest coins possible.  We know that in order to do this we always start with the biggest coin possible.  Putting coins into our purses and counting them out was something that we really enjoyed.  Shape has been our most recent topic and we can now describe the properties of some basic 2D shapes as well as use them to create some patterns.



We have been working really hard this time to improve our reading and writing skills.  We have been using our sounds to spell some 3 and 4 letter words.  We know that it is important to stretch our words to hear all of the sounds.  Our topic work of 'Healthy Me' and 'Fabulous Food' has also given us great opportunities to work on our independent writing.  We have written all about the roles of doctors, nurses and dentists and the jobs that they do.  We also read the story of 'Handa's Surprise' and used our role play masks to imagine that we were Handa. 'The Little Red Hen' gave us an opportunity to make some banana bread and then write a set of instructions telling others how they too could make it.  Our reading is also coming along and we know lots of new words and sounds. 


Sports and PE

We have been very lucky this term to have the Women's IFA and Skills School come in and give us some great taster sessions to sample some of the afterschool activities that we have on offer.  We worked on our teamwork skills, balance, agility and speed and had an amazing time.  In PE we have also been working on our jumping and landing skills.  We look forward to blowing off some steam and using up our energy in PE every week. 


We have had a fantastic time in P2 so far.  As we approach the madness that this the Christmas and Nativity term we had the opportunity to celebrate all of our hard work so far by throwing a Halloween party.  We dressed up, ate lots of food and even had a mini disco in our classroom.  We loved scaring Miss Stevenson, Mrs Fawcett and Mrs Rogers with our costumes


Term 1.2

This term we have been very busy with our new topic 'Fabulous Food' and with lots of Nativity practice!  Check out some of the things that we have been up to.


We have really enjoyed our new topic work and learning all about how food is made, where it comes from and why we need it.  During our structured play sessions we have enjoyed using the role play bakery to buy and sell bakery goods and also to use our money skills to calculate how much money we need to pay for certain items.  Our mint and chocolate scented playdough was great for making some of the bakery goods. 


We also investigated if our sense of smell and touch could identify different food types.  The jelly was the hardest to guess!  Our art and crafts activities were also very popular and we had great fun designing our own birthday cakes, chocolate bar wrappers and pizzas.  We also used old food tubs and packaging to make our own boats and then tested them on a chocolate lake to see if they would sink or float. Food can be used for lots of different things and one of the craziest things that we tried out was painting with food!  We used ketchup, mustard,brown sauce, hot chocolate and cordial to paint our own smelly pictures!  Life in P2 is never boring!



Pizza making

In order to help us write about the origin of the ingredients of pizza we decided that it would be a good idea to make our own pizza in class.  In small groups we discussed the different ingredients such as pitta bread, tomato puree, cheese, sweetcorn, ham and pineapple and talked about where they come from.  After that we had great fun perfecting our pizza making skills and making our own perfect pizza.  They tasted really good!  The next day we had learned so much that we were able to write about where the ingredients come from and how they are made.



 This term we have been perfecting our reading, writing and spelling skills.  We have started to investigate the sounds that are made when two sounds join together such as qu or ck.  During our phonics sessions we can spell lots of different words.  Our reading skills are also improving everyday!  We love predicting what will happen in our reading books and looking at the different sounds that we can find in words.  Our phonic and words games encourage us to sound out words individually and to match them to the pictures.